Best Form Of Therapy There Is...

Music has long been something that I need in my an addiction that you can't kick. I have to have some form of it in my day...whether it is the radio on the way to work, or playing piano, unconsciously takes over my daily life.

I have always used music as a way to vent what I am feeling, and I strongly believe in the power of music to affect someone's emotions. Hearing the first three or four notes of a song that I know to be heartbreakingly sad can bring out painful a trigger to a memory. On the flip side, hearing again the start of a song that has a positive meaning to me can completely turn my mood around on a crappy day.

I guess in this sense, I use it as therapy. I take things that have happened, link them to a song....and then either let it play, or lock it away into the depths of my mind so that I don't have to experience that negative thought or feeling again. I think that sometimes, people I know have difficulty understanding this process.

I have said in other stories that music is such a driving force in my life...its like it courses through my veins...taking over every part of my mind, body and soul. The great thing about this form of therapy....its personal, unintrusive, cheap and I can take part in it whenever and wherever I like. Maybe one day I will publish the soundtrack of my life for all to hear....the good and the bad.

At the moment I have a few songs that keep my life on an even road, and a few that drag me back to places I don't wanna go. Another beautiful thing about this form of therapy? The skip....and the repeat play buttons!
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Dec 12, 2012