I Get Lost N The Bass N Electronic Music and Use It As Therapy

My love for EDM started 6-7 years ago when I went to my

first EDM event. It was far from a rave. It was an outdoor

event set n the redwood forest of humboldt county put on

by a bunch of burning man crew. Truly an amazing

experience!!! I was 19 & wave ofemotionscame over me.

It was amazing how people of all walks of life could come

together for the love of art & music. There were people

dressed up n all different kinds of costumes & fun clothes.

People dancing with fire. I was n love!! Then I started to

go to more & more events some n side & some out. My

favorite are the outside ones. I also started goin to music

festivals. Now all i wanna do is dance. I love to make

costumes to dance n of all kinds. Colorful ones, fuzzy

ones, tribal looking costumes, headdresses, belly dancing

grear, jewelry, I could go on & on!!I have now started

selling some of the stuff i make cuz people loved mine so

much they wanted there own. I love dressing up & getting

right up n the speaker. It's like meditation feeling the bass

pass threw me n to my soul. I feel better about my self

when im out dancing its like im free. I struggle with my

self confidents cuz of a medical condition that i cant

control & feel ugly a lot but when I put on a costume &

dance i feel beautiful. I'm sure i will allways have a great

love for EDM!! It makes me feel good to get lost n it!!
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Awesome - just awesome - I've been to soo many outdoor and indoor dance feaivals, raves etc.
And I've been writing electronic dance music for many many years now- never had any tunes published- but had a few played at events. When u hear your tune come on, the bass throbbing, people danceing - wow - what a buzz

Agree!! That bass buzz mmmmm........ Can't wait to go dance Friday!!

Oh - I wish I could come - I'm working - lol.

When that bass makes your ribs vibrate - then that lead line comes in as a build up - before that driving snare and rolling beats kik in. Then bang - the drop- awesome. yeah I done it soo many times in my life - awesome. Mark xx

Yes!! U better go get ur dance on ASAP then!!

Oh Id love to - but the needs of the many, outway the needs of the few ATM
Gotta cook dinner- and get ready to go to work for the evening.

K thanks 4 reading. Iv got more on dancing & EDM lol. Have a good evening :)


Xx mark xx

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