If you were to take note of the callouses on my left hand, you could probably track my moods fairly well. When I have things on my mind - good, bad or fingers start itching for my guitar.

Through the years, I have expressed my emotion through various art forms, but more than writing, more than painting or fingers dancing across the fretboard in familiar patterns can just calm my thoughts. Somehow I put the guitar down feeling better than when I picked it up. Concentrating on the feel of the instrument in my hands, of where my fingers need to go - my subconscious can move freely about the issues with little interference from me.

Old songs that bring nostalgia, new songs that I want to learn, if I'm lucky, I might even write something. But when I put the guitar down, I'm happier. And usually go through the day singing.

Yesterday, I picked up a skillet, and held it for several seconds before I realized that I was holding the extremely hot metal part - necessitating a little jog across the kitchen to the table. 

Note to self...heat might take a few seconds to travel through deep callouses, but it gets there eventually.

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Yeap I have a 1954 silver tone and I play it all the time though learning songs takes too long so I make my own. They sound ok but wouldn't be something some one wants to listen to. But I love JIMI HENDRIX

Awesome story, thanks for sharing it.

I get that way with my guitar too sometimes. There's something about the twang of those strings that puts me in a different place. I've been playing for 11 years, and definitely used it for therapy for the first six, lol. Nowadays its more for ex<x>pression and learning other people's songs than for healing, but I'd like to write something that could heal others! Maybe, eh?

Thats cool, I play guitar some myself. Sometimes I just don't feel like playing but once I pick it up I don't want to put it down.

Indeed, music is an enchanting entity. It goes deep through the soul and feeds the hunger of thoughts... I've never played any instrument in my life but I enjoy singing, writing, and performing my own songs. It's not an occupation at all. Every gig is a privilege! :) Keep it up and more power to you and your music!

A fiddle? Nice. That's one instrument I've never done anything on, but it's something I have always wanted to try. I've always been a little intimidated by them though.

Sorry this is such a late reply. Want to try a fiddle? Go for it. I was 50 when I decided there was too much myth and legend around it.

Up? Down? Any mood at all? A good burst on my fiddle will express it and, if need be, cure it.

I do the same, geetar. The "aha moments" for those little walkdowns or an extra sus4 thrown in for good measure can come at the oddest moments!! <br />
<br />
As to something I wrote...those who've heard me play will tell you that one must sneak up behind me to really hear me play. If I know I'm being recorded, or even listened to by someone other than a very select few...I freeze up, and my fingers get tangled. I'm working on it. :-)

You too, huh?

I agree, tryingagain!! It is a sort of meditation. I love getting lost in music. :-)

Exactly. Used to have to figure out all the parts of the songs for the band I played in. I didn't realize for years it's the same as meditation when you (in your head) separate out the bass, keyboard, lead etc. It's the best possible way to get your head straight!

I'll hold you to that then. :D

Keep playing and you won't be depressed, silly girl. I keep telling you this. How can you be depressed when you have freshly learned to play something of Bon Jovi's?

I thought you already were!! Bad destry. Bad, Bad.

My hand is fine, Maisie. :-) I didn't burn it badly, I just meant that the callouses are thick now, so I was walking with it a few steps before the heat made its way to the pain sensors. And I would suggest the guitar if you're looking for a new passion. 'Cause then you can play *and* sing. Which is the ultimate happiness for me. Plus it's pretty easy. When you know four chords, you can play almost anything.

I agree 100% I find myself listening to 'mood music' as well. Helps me unwind.

:) Thanks. Im trying.

UO - Emo? *cries softly* I'm not emo. <br />
<br />
Exactly, ABL :)

There are better forms of self-mutilation than either cooking or emo, Glow. Just remember that.

*sigh* I give up.

Ahhhhhhhh, well, you know its al....... me. *runs and ducks*

Heck yeah it can, Ana! I will give anything a listen, and try to find some redeeming quality. <br />
<br />
"playing with numbers" Scooby?

Was that the band that backed up Rod Stewart?

I thought he played with numbers. But yes, he was right. :-)

Some dude named Plato once said ~Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul~ I'm not even sure what he played but he nailed it.