Music Was My Mother

To put it simply, I tell people that my family members are "emotionally constipated." It's a revered trait in my families, and has been passed down thru the generations. There is a lot of disdain amidst my kin for showing weakness thru emotions, so I was taught to control mine fiercely, or suffer the consequences.

So when I discovered the massive number of women expressing themselves in music, I was drawn like summer pests to the blue zap of death. There was a whole world out there where women felt empowered to speak their minds, without remorse or shame. To look, sound, and speak as they please, without concerning themselves with what their husbands might think. Women who had decided to shuck the etiquette lessons, get a little dirty, and be who they really are. Janis Joplin, the Wilson sisters, and Cyndi Lauper came to me thru the airwaves, telling me that I wasn't the only girl out there who wanted to be something more than prim, proper, and silent until spoken to.

When I work, when I play, when I'm angry, when I'm elated; I sing out the lyrics of the songs that fit the things I'm feeling at the time. No matter the extent or truth of your solitude, when you find a song with the right words to express yourself you know, at least for a moment, there was one other human who felt the same way.
lightninbug lightninbug
31-35, F
Dec 7, 2012