The ones that kicked me when I was down, well they say they need me now. That's fine I'll play the game, just know I told you so.
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There are many times that lyrics to songs have been able to put what I feel into work much better than I ever could

I sometimes only speak in segments of lyrics... Then people have no idea what I'm saying. It's humorous.

Haha that is pretty funny.

Well I listen to a lot of, of mice & men, like moths to flames, asking Alexandria, Memphis may fire. stuff like that. That kind of music isn't popular where I am from.

Where are you from?

Eastern Washington.

Ooh nice. Never been

It's over rated the amount of meth in this town is ridiculous. I call it needle town, the amount of Gang members that move up from Cali is overwhelming to. The town of Spokane. I call it spokompton or needle town. Pick one.

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