I'm going blind, but only one thing is clear. Death is the only salvation for me.

And When you die the only kingdom you'll see is two foot wide and six foot deep.
soldierofshadows soldierofshadows
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I love BMTH!!! I love this part of the song.

We can't die were dead inside. No death can touch the crooked young.

I love all the songs in sempiternal. Sleepwalking is one of my favorites. I love running through my house singing Antivist when no one is around.

I love singing antivist when everyone is around, as well as GNF by like moths to flames.

I am not allowed to cuss, so I only sing songs with words like **** in front of my brother to annoy him.

Do you listen to crown the empire?

If they block out the sun, and your blood turns to dust. I'll follow you into your grave.

OMG! Keep being awesome and listening to metal!

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