Music In My Heart, The Lyrics Are My Words

I am someone who just gives my whole self. and when I am in my darkest, and sometimes my most happiest times. Its a Certain song or Rainbow of songs that can be my salvation. Right now I am all about Lauryn Hill- a women with such talent, and you feel ever word she sings, and the emotion it brings. I am someone who was blessed with the gift to sing. and I have not always taking pride in what I have been given, sometimes because I felt I wasnt good enough! and it didnt matter how many family/friends were saying otherwise. Depression put me in places and made me feel things I didnt know I could even feel. being able to express your self with music, knowing you can have a realease by celebrating someone elses lyrical expression, knowing at that very moment, their song is apart of your healing and your road to feeling almost recovered from the deep flesh wounds. I love, love, love the songs with meaning, the lyrics that pull your attention and at your heartstrings, showing you the truth of you. so unbelieveable, how expressable, truely inspirational, how your song can get me so emotional, and yet its believeable, that I will learn to be forgiveable, and maybe one day I wont still feel so invisible.


Thank you, for reading.



FancyFaceHumble FancyFaceHumble
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1 Response Oct 11, 2009

An album that just recently came out is the new Wow 2010 cd. It has some pretty amazing bands in it, and some of their best songs.