I hate tying my hair up, can't stand it. It's my shield to hide behind and pretend to disappear. My mum doesn't understand why I never want to tie it up, she says I look prettier with it tied off my face... ha...ha, yeah right. It's like my security blanket, I can take it wherever I want coz it's always there. It sounds stupid being so attached to my hair, but I don't know what I would do without it. I'd have nowhere to 'hide', I'd feel so exposed

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I would like to have a friend who enjoyed hiding behind her very long hair. Personally, I think it is very sexy for starters. It creates a bit of mystery.

It's hard to not have that one thing that acts as protection isn't it?

i dont go to those places if i can help it,but i do if i must,but dont like it<br />
like when my mom passed,i of coure had to go,and no hat,felt as though everyone was staring

What would you do if you weren't allowed to wear it?

i use a baseball hat for the same reason