My owner has told me to tell you.

I use my husband as a toilet, because there is such a Marquis de Sade appeal to reducing a man to such a pathetic device... There is no fate which is more pathetic than this. To take away all of a mans dignity by transforming him into my full-time personal toilet... it's a pleasure that can't adequately be articulated in words. It's a combination of dark fascination and possibly the most intensely erotic sensation I have ever experienced. In the world of BDSM, a toilet slave represents maximum contrast between inferiority and superiority--just imagine being able to experience this ultimate realization of superiority every day.
usemefor usemefor
3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

love it your husband is so Lucky to have such a dominating wife if he is ever not availible i would be happy to take his place

I also use my husband as my toilet, pee only. It gives me great pleasure, and I enjoy letting my friends use him as well, if we have a dinner party, or just drinks.

Your husband is a lucky man

For me there is no greater reward than knowing that she feels this way when using me as her toilet.

I would feel the same such an honour