It Is Great Fun!

To use your imagination on a daily basis is almost like therapy for the body. You can imagine anything you want and it will either get your adrenaline going or it will calm you down and make you feel like you are in a meadow with a light breeze and the smell of daisies all around ............. but lets break away from that for a while and return after I have made my point. So some time ago I was sitting in the car on the way to one of my "many" morning classes. And having been up really late the night before I was obviously really tired. But I wasn't driving so I sat back and enjoyed the ride. For awhile anyway. I was stuck in a dead gaze and heard a police siren go off somewhere in the distance behind us. Now the driver wasn't speeding *due to morning traffic* but was driving maybe 55 or 60 mph. Although in my head, I kept thinking we were going faster and suddenly ... I jumped into "imagination mode" hahaha. Yea that is what I call it ... what's it to you ... just kidding. Anyway ... my imagination played this in my head: "OMG, the cops are coming. What are we going to do, we can't get pulled over again. So I look around frantically for any reason to be driving so fast. Suddenly lightbulb goes off. I grab my backpack and open up the little pocket where I keep all of my pencils. I pull one out, glance at it ..... and suddenly start stabbing myself all over my body with the pencil!! The driver looks over at me and says what the hell are you doing. I tell him, now you have an excuse for speeding, you need to get me to the hospital" At this point the cop drives right passed our car and I start laughing out of no where. The driver looks at me all crazy like and asks me what the hell I am laughing at and I tell him what my imagination came up with when I heard the sirens. It was priceless. He started cracking up and we just ended up laughing the rest of the way to school. I love my imagination. It is so fun! *sigh* now lets go back to the meadow, ahhhhhh .... the sweet aroma of daisies, the soft grass, the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, and the hairy guy sitting next to you ... hahahaha ... just kidding.
LosingIt LosingIt
22-25, F
Mar 29, 2007