It Makes You What You Are

Imagination is a wonderful and beautiful gift. God blessed me with an extremely active one. I had a imaginary friend named Lizzie when I was four. Lizzie and I would carry on conversations quite often. She was even a bridesmaid at my wedding to a giant stuffed monkey named Chopper (I was five, okay?). I belive I had Lizzie up until I was six. Then I never talked to her again. But I have never forgotten her. Not because at every family reunion my mom tells stories about it. Not because I think of her every time I eat cotten candy. Not because I remind myself of her every time I hear someone say I want to steal the stars and hide them in a jar under my bed (long story). It's because she made me who I am. Lizzie agreed with everything I said. If I had my heart set on catching a lizard and inviting it to my birthday party, Lizzie would encourage me. And if Lizzie once swore she saw a mermaid we would devise a plan to catch it. I love any kind of reptile and I belive in mermaids. Some people don't know it, but your imagination can push you forward or pull you backward. And I'm proud to say mine has pushed me forward.
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A wonderful ex<x>pression----Lizzie lives! I also check EP a lot. My special concern is sissies who seem to need comfort and understanding. A small kick now and then as well! I have the time at the moment to do this. So--- hello, and may I join you? Love Noelle.

Thanks! Of course you can join me.