Non-existent Places

Okay, so tell me. Do any of you ever dream about places, and then think about them later during your day? I do, a lot. I'll be sitting in class, just daydreaming, imagining what these places would be like it they were real. But, what if they were real? The world is a big place. What if your dreams were gateways to places you have never experienced? It seems unrealistic. But we don't give our minds enough credit for how powerful they actually are. There's something to think about.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I do all the time, and I believe that dreams are definitely gateways to some kind of thing, maybe we experience our inner-being's reality... I usually tend to immerse my mind into places that don't exist in our actual reality, though---as in I tend to imagine exaggerated, fantasy-like, or surreal places. I never really think of realistic places

I've heard of people who believe when we imagine other worlds strongly enough, we create paralell universes or alternate dimensions where these are really. Some people predict that on the 21st, the end of the world is actually the colliding of all alternate dimensions into one.