Imagination Is Your Liberator

We are all trained to react a certain way when sometime happens.  Did you ever notice how a newscaster puts on a persona and tries to act sufficiently concerned or whatever, depending on the news?
The fact of the matter is that reality is whatever you make it.  If you experience a loss, you can brood over the loss, or you can use your imagination to consider your endless possibilities for the future.  If you do this, most people will think you are "just a dreamer" (if you tell them), but in fact you are the one that is free to choose your future, while most of the people around you follow the path that everyone else expects.

Savor the freedom!

I encourage anyone that wants to use their imagination to dream big dreams to visit my Experience Project blog and exchange ideas.

NeoAwakens NeoAwakens
56-60, M
Aug 12, 2007