Its Pretty Fun :]

I've been thinking a lot lately about what i want to become when im older, what people think of me, what i wish i could be, and why the world is like this, and sometimes i just go to my own little world in the back of my head. Everyone I know never listens to the stories that i think of. But if only they did they would understand that it's amazing to imagine such things.  My teachers and my family think I have a problem but im only bored and im just entertaining my self sometimes i just do it to actually escape this wolrd this reality. maybe thats why i have horrible grades. But I wont stop imagning the most crazy things that come to me. Imagintaion makes my life a whole lot worth living for! AN as some people say "Imagination is greater than knowledge" :]

1DayDreamer1 1DayDreamer1
13-15, F
Feb 20, 2010