I always use my imagination but since I suffered from I was a little girl , I had to use it to escape from my miserable life.Now I use imagination to escape from life duties and when I feel sad .Can't live without my imagination.
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aww you'll feel better if u open up to someone close

yeah I know..but im too shy to talk about my feelings or my self..No one will ever think im sad or hurt because I dont show my emotions..its like my feelings is a secrets and I cant tell..I hope one day I can found the courage to open my heart to the right person. Thanks ..

don't be shy, it hurts more like that :) everything ganna be lovey dovey haha :) it ganna be ok, I'll be glad to listen! I'm from Katy and I'm adventures, I used to be shy but I learn the hard way and had to break free haha..

thats brave and im glad u are free .Thanks friend.

u can be free too buddy! ^_^

I can and I will be.

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