A Story..

 She saw her again.Such a bright light coming from her.Something unique..Not a person..a fairy..it was real.She could see her and it wasnt just her imagination.The last time she saw her,she thought it was a dream and told her mom.Her mom smiled but didnt believe her.''If it was a dream,it was amazing''she thought then.

But today it was the second time the girl saw her.White color all around her.That color,the light could reach the girl's heart and make it warm.

-How u do that?How u are so beautiful and give so much warmth to others?

The fairy walked near her and hold the girl's hand.

-im the fairy of wishes and dreams,she said and smiled.

Suprised she looked at her.Letting out a sigh the girl asked ''do u know what my wishes and dreams are''?

She nodded.Making circles in the air the girl saw everything,all those dreams,all those wishes.

-Will it happen?my dreams?

-Have patience.Dreams n wishes need patience and believe in them.Dont push ur dreams away.You only have the key

The girl said ''yes'' and hugged the fairy.''thanku''

-im going to be in ur dreams and u are able to see me because ,because u see ur dreams are real.i ll always be here.

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thanks wall

Beautiful. :)