Thinking Of Legally Changing My Name.

I've been called by my middle name, all my life.  My parents fully intended for it to be this way and I really like my middle name, Brad.  However, my present employer will not allow me to use my middle name on the job and I wear a name tag with a name that means absolutely nothing to me.  I guess my head and my heart never connected to my first name.  Sometimes I don't even hear it.  It feels like I'm 2 different people, Brad at home and with friends and another at work.  My wife and I joke about it but I'm thinking that it might be worth it to legally flip my names around and officially become my middle name at work, too.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Thats ridiculous that your boss would not respect your wishes to be called by a name you have always used. I also only ever use my middle name except for on legal documents and I would never allow my bosses to force me to use any other name than one that I have always been known as.