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Mouth For Use As Urinal

You come to our place alone or with your friends, you find my wife on her knees into a small inflatable pool , you unzip and take out your *****, and take a nice, long **** in her mouth. She want to swallow every drop, she try to do her best but there is so much **** ... I join her in the pool and kiss her and lick her as you **** ...


hommax hommax 41-45, M 6 Responses Feb 4, 2010

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Sounds like fun. Do it and post some hot pics.

Mmm,sounds nice,i would love to have a brand new wall urinal rigged so when some guy took a **** in it,his warm,yellow,**** would go down drain and then thru a plastic pipe In wall,that is inserted into my mouth,and be forced to drink several guys ****,me only able to see their *****,as they **** in the urinal ,my face and mouth pm the other side of wall,strapped to a low level chair and forced to drink their ****,seeing it shooting out of their **** slits,gulp,gulp,gulp.Mmmm!!

Mmmmm I love to be used as a urinal. God its hot

Have you been used as a urinal often. Have many black men enjoyed taking a **** in your mouth?

Mmmmm I love to be used as a urinal. God its hot

Gotta love a woman who takes her Urine Therapy seriously, your a lucky man my friend, the visual alone is what makes life worth living

11 nuns ? wow ! now that's a sin ! :)