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I once saw a photo of woman with bare butt standing with had on tree looking at plants. I liked it very much, so i decided to shoot something similiar with me. Me & my friend once went to our family. On the way we founnd perfect location to take that photo. I removed my pants & panties and exposed my butt to the camera. Now its one of my favourite photo
Crazychrizzy Crazychrizzy
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24 Responses Jul 12, 2010


What a great fun photo for you. Nice how these things can inspire people.

Bare Hugs

love to see you real photos, add me

i love posing and taking such .outdoor adventurous and arousing photos.

would love to see you in a private album as you can see me in naked in nature and in the bedroom albums

Ep removed it

HUMMM. I showerd! Brushed my teeth! Why cant I see the photo?<br />

ChrizzyDarling i have lots of photos of my Wife Naked She often is Naked around the house and in the Gardens . my wife has a great body for someone Age55 . Non of me Naked i am so ugly . i was an ugly Child . Trusted Respected Gent . Age62 years young

I'm sad I missed it. Any chance for an add?

So it was you that did that ivana F photo shoot.

Nice one

I'd love to see it since it isn't on here any longer :(

i use my own photo too

Sorry friends. Now this story do not have any value as that photo is removed by ep now.

great pic and butt

One of my favourite pics too.

from what i see you got a great body

sometimes something so simple nears perfection

very very nice pic thanks for sharring<br />
<br />
can we even see the other side

Great idea! It's such a sexy photo too!! Just the right balance of bare skin & posing. You butt is pretty darned cute by the way!! Would love to see more of you?

Mmm my fav to..... it would be nice to see more

it strange how some people add " I use my own photos on EP " and they dont have any photo's ???

what an AMAZING shot....!

Lovely bit of tan line there,<br />

And quite lovely.