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I Am Not Perfect...

I am not perfect but I always use my real photos on EP...even my avatar is me. Whats the point of posting pictures if you are not going to use your own. We all have flaws and that is what makes us the individuals we are. So be proud of who you are and show us your real self! :)
EmMaTa EmMaTa 31-35, F 39 Responses Aug 12, 2010

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Good for you, if you are comfortable with showing then carry on.

I disagree with the point that you are making here. You are saying that we all have flaws and should be proud of who we are. But if we're not judging people by their looks, why the need to have a real photo as the avatar?

Ok there are a load of wierdos on this site but I bet there are far more people here who share their real thoughts and dreams. Surely those people are being themselves just as much as anyone who use their own photo as the avatar?

Even if your avatar showed your face, it would mean absolutely nothing to me anyway because I don't know you and will never meet you. So your face will have no more significance to me than the hundreds of faces I see every time I go to the mall.

It is so true that we have flaws and we should just enjoy who we are.I like your attitude.

Hahah no one is "perfect" I think pics of real women are the best...would you please add me?

You are beautiful no doubt, however, I'd respectfully disagree with your take that people should use their real photos. Many people, and I'm sure plenty of here, opt to live vicariously through other people (for whatever reason) - maybe someone they admire, maybe someone they would prefer to look like/emulate. Either way, props to you for posting the real you - many people on here can't say the same thing :)

Well said, I've added you

Nice statement. Although I keep thinking you forgot ... "The more the better" at the end. Cheers!

Mmmeeeee either...<br />
Joyinthejourney....<br />

Heyyyyy. You.......<br />
Hello we, I love u won't u tell<br />
Me your name...............<br />

I just have to say that you are simply beautiful. I don't see one flaw in you. In my eyes, you are perfect. :)

Fully agree with your comments, we have to accept the way we are

Sorry but I have to disagree for now,<br />
<br />
I wish I could post my foto's but these days Employers think they can control ur life. <br />
Many will fire u because they don't agree with something u have posted. So until it is determined that it is Illegal I say **** u to them... by simply concealing my ID. Sucks but this is what it has come too. Can't wait to be my own Boss, Lol

Yes but you are very close to perfect

If it's not me I will not post it as me.

Your avatar is a great picture. I am a older guy that appreciates a VIrginia girl. Will you add me as a friend. Thank you

I wholeheartedly agree!

I don't know what flaws you might think you have but from looking at your avatar your legs look awesome so i'm thinking everthing else looks just as good or better!!

I agree entirely with your sentiments. <br />
I have not posted pics because of our social situation, however I would and does turn me on showing my wifes body to people who do not know her (they think that she is some extraa ***** that Im shagging, which I do not without my wife telling me to do so).<br />
I hope that my stories, which are 100% true paint a picture of us and when we do get comfortable with guys and girls on this and other sites she does go further......much further :-)<br />
<br />
I enjoyed your profile..please do add so that I can fantasies over you <br />

I have sexually explicit stories and experiences and my own children nieces and nephews might see my photo and learn some things about me I really don't want them to know . I don't think posting my picture will enhance my visit or anyone else's to EP any better than what it is

I must you are very close to perfect.

I agree...

Very well seid SWEETHEART

I love the picture of your legs in your avatar and would love to see more of you, from a very respectful young feeling older guy.

I respect you for it. Me too.<br />
There is a very childish element to false avatars that, it's not bad, it's sneaky. But I guess most folks are very concerned about confidentiality. Frankly, I don't really see a picture as a confidentiality "breach." Come on, snapshots and thumbnails are going to give you whom? Silly.<br />
MaTa, if you'd like, I'd welcome a 'friend' invite from you.

I agree, and you are very beautiful!!!


Like it or not my Avatar is me and so are all my pics ;-)

I'm me all the time and I've got nothing to hide. Well, not much anyway...

But u wouldnt if u were fat and ugily like us. Even so, i use only real pictures of me in my avitar .

The wonderful thing about real photos of real women is that the beauty lies in those flaws, that's what makes the essence of the woman. There are no Perfect women, they all have flaws, just as we men do. <br />
<br />
Gorgeous photos EmMa

But i am grossly uggily, plain fat deformed repulsive and unspunky like bob frost. You guys would never talk to me if you knew what i looked like!

That is the way it should be and I thank you for it.<br />
You have such great thought out pictures.<br />
I might add you may not be but you are close to perfect.


I hear ya and couldn't agree more, I only post real pictures that I took of myself too !!!

I totally agree. I really think it is funny when there is a web site name on a photo that someone says is them.

Here here, well put.

I couldn't agree more. To many woman fall victim to "perfect body" syndrome. I do not find "perfect barbie" types attractive.

Being proud and showing us your real self makes you perfect! Damn nice legs!

Well put , this is what makes you, yes you EmMa beautiful.