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My Avatar Is Me

I used to have a picture of a Pac Man skull and crossbones, at least nobody ever asked me if that was my real picture, lol. I don't get why someone would put pics on here that are of somebody else and say it's them.

Well, I guess if you were sneaking around or live in a small town I could see it I suppose.
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Is that your real eye, Just kidding<br />
I think peopel might not like who they are so they pretend to be someone else to get comments. I am not sure though how you would feel good about getting kudos for a body of face that is not yours.

you have charmed eye

Or were forced to be around a crowd of small-minded people, yes. But I use my own as well, Sir. Many come by and ask me if it is me in my avi pic, and that's before they decide to put me into their circles. I guess they like real people they can trust, although I can imagine that those that need to hide due to their chosen foul actions against others... well we don't have those types in our circles, of course;)