I had posted a few in my photo album when I first started on EP.  They weren't up long, I removed my pics.

I think this is a problem.  When a member of my circle comment on a picture which seen on my circle activity, I just click to see if I can view the pic and in fact I can and this person is not in my circle and if I go on their profile and click on their pictures, I cannot view them.  (It can be viewed one way and cannot in the other). 

Why can the pictures be seen when a member of my circle comments and cannot be viewed when I'm on their profile?  (doesn't make sense). 

If the pics are meant to be shown only to friends and their setting are set to private, I believe it should remain this way...

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4 Responses Nov 7, 2010

I have also experienced this and am not happy as I have plenty pictures that I only want to share with people that have pics to share with me !!

justwonderingif: Same here, I have not!

Have you reported this to EP? I have noticed it also but have been too lazy to message them about it.

I think it is unfair to the person who has it set "only to their friends" and others end up viewing it as well. Thanks hey123you :)