Young Cfnm Story

I was 15 at the time and visiting my cousin, aged 17 who had another cousin same age and a school friend staying with her.
Not only was I younger than the other 3 but was also the only male.
All our parents had gone out to the races for the day and were left alone in the house, with instruictions to swim, help our selves to food etc and BE GOOD.
We all changed into our swimming costumes, the girls had one piece suits and I wore my trunks.
We had been in the pool for a while and I was standing in the shallow end, relaxing and noticed the girls in a group at the far end of the pool giggling and planning something.
A few moment later my favourite cousin Myrtle started swimming strongly towards me and I watched he casually and then suddenly as she reached me she grabbed for my balls, instinctively I pushed her away.
The other 2 girls saw the melee and shouted out ¨did you get them¨ and Myrtle said No.
I suddenly felt extremely randy, and quickly slide my trunks off under water, and threw them onto the side of the pool, and shouted out If you want to grab a feel you have got to catch me first.
Every one got excited and the 3 girls all swam at me and I ducked and swam , jumped out of the pool, and ran and dived into
the pool further along. The sight of my naked body caused more hilarity, and they asked what they could do to me when they caught me and I shouted out the winner gets to play with everything. This caused more hilarity and the chase continued.
I was not sure if I was enjoying the fun or wanted to caught more.
Eventually it was Myrtle´s friend Joan who caught me and felt my balls and then said she was claiming her winners spoils.
So we all climbed out of the pool onto the surround and I lay with my back up against the back wall and with my legs spread and my cousins watched as Joan first of all played with my balls, and then started to massage my penis which by now was as hard as a rock, they all watched as I got closer and then finally spurted her success.
In the end I stayed naked for the rest of the day and they each took it in turn to milk the only penis available.
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Great story, that is most guys dream day, well done.

Great afternoon

No, they had their fun and then behaved like P....kteasers

I would have told them to get naked with me. Did they let you touch them.