It's A Habit Now

I feel silly, but, I have fun. I post new pictures every day or two. Yes, that old grey haired lady is really silly Hilly. Sometimes I feel goofy, so I post goofy pictures, sometimes, I feel very posey, so, I post one that is as stiff as a board, sometimes, I feel dreamy, those are usually out of focus and odd looking. In some of them, I am pretending to be a famous author and imagining this shot on the back cover of my best seller. Sometimes I feel sexy, so, I look ridiculous, but, that is OK, I have found that readiness to be foolish is at not at all a bad thing.
I am not so dim witted that I don't realize that I am not young or hot, but, I enjoy myself, I make my own fun, it doesn't hurt anyone! These photos are also my attempt to reach out, sometimes I am thinking of a particular EPer when I shoot my photo, often I am drinking coffee or cuddling a dog, because I do a lot of both. Sometimes I am with Poppa and I am all gooey looking, I know, it's kind of odd to see people gazing at each other at our ages, but, we make our own fun together.
EP has evolved into an intimate forum for me, I have met fascinating people here from all over the world. A handful of them feel like real girlfriends and sisters, and even a couple of literary brothers and friends. Please tolerate my little pictures, like my stories, they are attempts to reach out and touch someone.
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TeeHee, I would have to agree with you! :-D I love that camera, even on the really ugly days! I have NO shame!

I really very like all your photos.. in fact i enjoy watching your "new looks" every hour... i really very like your hair.... and your mugs lol.... i want you to upload more photos and i would want to admire each one of those photos .... and i feel blessed to have an insightful lady like you as my EP friend.... thank you for being here .... xxx <3

Bright Blessings and a sincere thank you!

Oh my goodness, I am so moved by this comment! I'm rushing off now to send you a special gift from little Freakie Pie! Thank you so much for these kind words Kay. Hugs and hugs and more hugs! You mean so much to me too darling. xx

Oh my dear dear friend, I am thrilled to hear of your personal happiness and of your students receiving that impressive title! You are such a caring and engaged teacher, they simply must respond to your efforts in these most wonderful ways! <br />
Congratulations! There should be more teachers like yourself dear friend. <br />
<br />
I enjoy and embrace what you are saying here, and I thank you for reminding me that certain words are no no's and serve only to limit and scorn human individuality, I shall take your sage advice to my heart and keep it intact and be mindful of your wisdom. <br />
Your devotion is refreshing and I am grateful to call you my special soulfriend. <br />
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for being yourself MistyGreen, I adore you! <br />
My good wishes go out to you and your beloved treasure. Isn't EP wonderful? I am thrilled that you have met someone here that stirs such emotion in you, I can hear your smile from here~she is blessed to have found you as well! <br />
We will talk more later. Thank you for your comments here, thank you for reading this. Bless You and Know that I miss you and I anxiously await our future astral experiences. <br />
Smile :-D from HBC Always and Forever!

Oh my dearest friend, there is no need to apologise or feel that you have to accept society's own labels for your perfectly and completely rational actions...nothing you have ever done is silly..and besides, no matter what anyone says or implies you always look wonderfully happy and sexy- your hair and vivacious smile are so enchanting!!!!<br />
So, how is your writing & getting it published activity going? I believe fully & totally in your evident talent!!! <br />
Besides i adore and love ALL YOUR PHOTOS, !!!! EVERYONE OF THEM!!<br />
Never apply other people's demeaning words like 'silly', 'ridiculous', 'dimwitted' etc. I have banned all words those & similar from my vocabulary as they are only extremely JUDGEMENTAL words given by someone else. I challenge anyone in the entire world to justify their usage -- and haven't met anyone who can, including professors and other professionals from many varied positions in life!!! 'ODD' is also banned, but unusual or strange is not, because they relate to statistical averages, but 'odd' is a demeaning word....<br />
My dearest Friend and soul-lady, you should not ask people to tolerate you - You are so very special, and unique and such a fantastic human being of love and caring and empathy, you have no need to be tolerated at all - you are YOU, and if other people don't like or appreciate it, then that is their bad luck and misfortune for not having the ability to be a sensitive person of altruistic purpose. <br />
Also' not so dimwitted' detracts from your beautiful personage - i will never allow anyone to 'put you down' any way, shape or are wonderful intelligent, warm and very cherished human being!! <br />
And, if you have any detractors who annoy you, in the slightest, direct them to me immediately!! They will not do so again!!<br />
Sorry, i have not been in touch lately, have been extremely busy and super-tired from my schoolwork - it took many weeks, but i started with a very unsettled, very immature class of 11 yr olds and guess what - today they won the 'BEST CLASS IN SCHOOL ASSEMBLY' award. I was so proud of their achievement and they have taken on the responsibility of caring for a Kindergarten class next door. Plus the teacher said to me, about a young boy in my class, that in his entire school life from kindergarten to now he NEVER smiled once - until he was with me. Now he smiles constantly - i felt good after hearing her say that.<br />
I have another 3 weeks of school left then i can resume normal activities after my tenure (originally supposed to be 4 weeks only ) is over. <br />
<br />
Also, dear sweet and lovely beautiful, sexy lady, i have a wonderful and fabulous lady whom i met here(EP) and she is my love of my life, and soulmate...perhaps, one day, probably in the afterlife, we will be together. At the moment she is not far from you, relatively speaking!<br />
You, Ms Hillbillycrone, have always reached out and touched my heart and soul, so for every one who is not touched there is always another who is so touched..i will never leave you my friend, and will always protect you with my special aura - sent from the land of DownUnder - which has magickal there you are...<br />
you are EXTREMELY SPECIAL AND DEAR AND TREASURED to me...always will be. <br />
have a wonderful day, be happy, laugh, smile, and when school holidays are here, we can astral travel...and my special love can also join us...she is a wonderful cherished treasure of mine!!<br />