Why Use Anything Else?

I understand the users that would like to remain anonymous, but still want to show off a bit of their personality visually, it makes sense to use pictures that are not your own.

I do not, however, understand individuals that use pictures that are not their own, but claim them to be. It's as though they are so uncomfortable with their own bodies that they would rather risk being caught in a lie by potential friends than show people who they truly are. I think the best solution to this is to just not put pictures up of yourself if you're not comfortable with what you look like.

I have no issues with what I look like, really. Not out of arrogance, not out of vain, but purely that I have accepted that this is how I look. This is me. Take it or leave it.

Everyone has flaws, finding a perfect person on EP is most likely not going to happen, so you might as well just use your real photos.
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I understand using pictures that are your own or using something like a photograph you took, or some other artwork that you feel represents your personality. I don't understand using the photos of other people even if you are not making an open claim that the picture is of you. There are many actors or other celebrities that a lot of people have no idea what they look like and will just assume the picture is you.

Well for me i need to remain anonymous its not so much about the way i look i am fine with how i look. its more about the info i provide here that i hide in my real life

To each his own, is what it comes down to. I dig the Mulder thing. I love that man.

yea mulder is the man

I've been watching X-files everyday. I cant get enough of him.

I ain't watched it in over a year,,it sucks

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When I am in the mood to put my real face on my avatar I do, and, I do it often. I am open on EP and in real life. What I write and how I look are parts of who I am and I want to be known for who I truly am not who I want to be or would like to be.

I'm glad you accept who you are without arrogance. That's a great thing to do. I'm one of those people who prefer to remain anonymous (and I don't think my picture will cause identity confusion ;-) ) because I want to be known for how I behave and what my interests are rather than people seeing who I am. My friends know who I am and what I look like, but my internet identity remains reasonably in the dark. I don't lie about myself, I just keep some parts of myself to myself :-) Some things are more fun left up to the imagination and I don't want to be judged in any way by my appearance (which I'm happy with, btw, I just keep it private). <br />
I do agree that people shouldn't use others' photo identities.

I have good reason to remain anonymous, but you’ve given me something to consider. Maybe I should show an actual view of part (and I don’t mean man parts) of the real me and still remain anonymous. I've always used Clint Eastwood as my profile pic. I also explain in my profile that I don’t look like him. But people recognize me this way and are used to seeing “Clint”. However, it may be time for a change, because I have noticed two others who now use “Clint” too.

Yeah I don't get it either and why do men use women's photos....that's strange!

I agree... I respect those who wish to be under the radar, but as for me.... I dont particularly care. I, like you accept how i look without being arrogant. I just dont see the point as posing as someone you arent, unless its for going behind enemy lines lol... I kid... :) but i agree with your story and thank you for sharing it! -w

hit the nail right on its head!!

I have always used my real photos, I just never show my face so no one knows who I am