This took place just 3 days after my 16th Birthday. Daddy had told me that he loved last night, you see my mom is a deep sleeper and she could sleep through a hurricane my dad left their double bed opened the draw next to him grabbed a couple of condoms and left the bedroom and came into mine I was ************ myself with the handle of a torch as I read through a printed off erotic story when Daddy came in I was shocked and immediately put the torch down and hid the papers under my bed he asked me what I was doing and I tried to defend myself by saying the word “nothing” he wasn’t convinced though and he told me if I wanted to have the real thing I nodded and he pulled his boxers down and made me suck every bit of his candy which he had saved for me. I then took him out of my mouth and told him that I wanted him inside me. He kissed me then we got into my single bed, now as many people know I love ponies and I have My Little Pony’s duvet cover, wallpaper, soft toys and plushies all on my bed so I can snuggle upto one to feel safe as well as figures and costumes. All over my room was My Little Pony based anyway getting back to what happened daddy told me to lie still as he climbed on top of me. I felt him put his **** at my entrance and I gave him the nod he went in and I nearly screamed luckily my dad started kissing me to stop his **** from causing me to scream. He pulled out then went into me gently making me moan in pure bliss, I felt I was ecstasy, we kept going for quite some time and then I felt the climax, we started moaning then panting then crying then screamed as the ****** kept building, I was screaming daddy was moaning and the bed was creaking and banging against the wall to where mom was and I felt the wave of pleasure hit me and I clenched my legs wrapping them around daddy as we came hard like an elephant. Screaming, moaning, creaking and banging until then there was just silence and daddy left my room and my mom incredibly was still asleep.

The next morning I could feel my ***** leaking *** so I immediately got dressed and went to the breakfast table we all sat as if nothing had happened the night before and Mom didn’t even suspect we were doing anything. I got my bag and my dad took me to school we stopped in a narrow road and asked if I was up for it again. I told him that I might be late but I didn’t mind and didn’t really care if the school minded I lifted up my skirt and felt his fingers go for my **** buried behind my classic white schoolgirl knickers which were bulging because of my lips and getting wet from having a loving daddy. He turned the car off and took me into the back of the car. In the back we I found wolfie my wolf plushie, I had had him for so long but don‘t remember when, just then daddy took wolfie off me and used it on my ****. I immediately felt wet and the fur of wolfie made me gush a little juice out of myself but Daddy wasn’t done yet, he kept rubbing on my **** then began pushing wolfie into my ***** oh my god I winced as daddy pushed my beloved toy up into my naughty spot My poor wolfie as cried out as he continued his playing on me I came hard again. I collapsed then I pulled my tights back on, and lowered my skirt “oh ****” I said as I saw some of my daddies *** on me I couldn’t find anything so I just licked it and he then drove me to school. I went into school and halfway through a lesson I was daydreaming when I snapped out of it when work was placed in front of me when I asked to go, I went and then as I was about to sit I found wolfie still in me I took him out went to the toilet but afterwards I felt I needed sex and there was nothing, well when I say nothing of course now Wolfie was my only aid into making me ***.

I immediately started talking to him and told him to be a good Wolfie. I rubbed him on my **** and I immediately felt nice I rubbed faster and faster until I gushed out keeping my moaning to a minimal. I then pushed him inside stroking his fur and I kept going until his tail was the only thing left. I then looked at the clock and realised that I had to quickly get back to class with no where to put Wolfie I put him inside me again which made me a little nervous but got my courage to accept that nothing had happened. I went in everyone looked at me and I sat down. After I did my writing paper the bell went and it was time for a break but the teacher told me to sit down and ask if I had anything to hide I told him I didn’t and he then said why I had a tail sticking out of my skirt, I looked down and he then joked saying you must a that animal within you. Hoping he wouldn’t tell anyone else I just asked him if I could go and he said yes and that was that but I went to the toilets again and wiped my poor Wolfie clean even licking it off. As soon as he looked respectable I put him in my bag and went outside to play. But while I was playing one of the girls opened mine and took Wolfie out because the next thing I knew the bell rang and I saw my bag in a different position and Wolfie was gone but a note was left in it’s place kind of like a ransom note saying if I wanted to see my wolf again then I will go to the female toilets before the lunch time bell went.

I sat in class for nearly 2 hours worried about him. Then I immediately went to the toilets again to see a girl who was older than me and told me that I was late I gave her an excuse but she didn’t buy it and told me to sit in the cubicle. She then showed Wolfie to me asking if this is what I wanted. I said yes I put my hands out to grab it but she pulled it back and told me on one condition and that was that use him to ********** myself to see me there just doing something so intimate do show myself like all women do but this was to have Wolfie back I had to put him inside me again, I thought about it but I wasn’t thinking I was trying to get out of the situation. She told me to hurry up otherwise Wolfie was going down the toilet and she would force him down it. It gave me little choice and the girls handed Wolfie, he looked sad *telling me not to but I whispered that I had little choice* I began crying as I pushed my lovely wolf into my ***** the girls took pictures on their camera phones and said that I was a sl*t and a sl*g 2 girls guarded the door one in and one outside. After I was gently pushing him she pushed my hands away and began forcing Wolfie into my ***** making me cry and scream but she didn’t care she kept going until his tail was the only thing left. Then she pushed the tail inside and he was gone, all of him inside me and my lips closed. I was gasping because of the fullness of him inside me. She then said I could go and that if I didn’t obey her in future she would send the pictures to her friends and on to **** websites I got scared thinking about ppl who might *** over my poor Wolfie and me and I simply begged for her not to. She told me to do what she wanted and that she wouldn’t. When she left she send the picture to my phone and told me that she deleted them she then told me to be a good girl and that she will find me again one day. So far she hasn’t come back to find me but I’m not risking thinking that she has just disappeared. So I’m just waiting until she might find me it might be a shock but I am who I am.
MastersPet14 MastersPet14
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012