*Ponygirl Stars In The Trap*

One day Ponygirl had gone out for a walk when she stumbled across an old cottage, Ponygirl went up to the house and knocked at the door with her hoof but no-one was in, Ponygirl knew it was rude to enter a house without permission, so she waited and about 10 minutes later a Girl dressed in a black PVC Bra and Skirt came towards her and she held a crop in her right hand, Ponygirl didn’t want to frighten the lady which was about in her late 30’s. The Lady known as Mistress X saw Ponygirl and asked her to come in, Inside a roaring fire was burning brightly and Ponygirl was invited to sit down, the lady past her a cup of tea and Ponygirl drank slowly as she told of all the fun she was having with everyone but she wished that she was very huggable and closer to her friends. The young lady brought a book and Ponygirl watched as Mistress X made a costume. After a while the costume was done and the lady showed Pony girl a beautiful pink doe with white wings, blue eyes and a smiley face almost seductive looking to anyone for who might thing of her as a s*x toy.

Mistress X told Ponygirl to get in the costume and it felt very comfy and a perfect size, then the Mistress waved her crop against the costume and within moments there was no more opening and Ponygirl was completely inside the costume but Ponygirl was not going to be able to leave that costume as she tried to pull the headpiece off she found out that she couldn’t, she kept trying but nothing was working. Ponygirl was trapped in the Pink Rubber Doe Suit. Then Mistress X smacked Ponygirl’s *** she started to have less emotions, This happened for a few moments and then she was now emotionless inside the costume, No being happy, no being sad, no stress, no pleasure or pain, she was now just a toy locked into a rubber life-size plushie. The doe was taken upstairs and laid down on the bed, there was a knock at the door and Master was there and he asked if the lady had seen a Ponygirl and the lady said she hadn’t and Master left even though Ponygirl made as much crying noise as possible.

The Lady came upstairs and saw the smiling pink doe on the bed, “Well, your one stubborn toy, aren‘t you?” The only thing the doe could do was moan as the lady got some scissor and cut a bit of the little doe’s fabric and then left the room for a second then came back with a massive strap-on. The Doe even though she was smiling the Ponygirl inside was scared, she hadn’t taken anything that big before. Mistress X lined up the strap-on to the hole of the pink plushie doe and then pushed, inside the plushie a Loud cry could be heard from the Doe, but all Mistress X or anyone else heard was a little moan and after a few minutes the ***** had been completely stuffed inside.

The act lasted minutes and Mistress X looked at the hole “We will have to fix you back up.” Mistress X got her sewing kit and sewed me back up and left and after about a year I was a dirty plushie, and I was thrown into a spare room where it was cold and I was used again and I was never turned back.
MastersPet14 MastersPet14
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013