My Childhood

This is not a confession just a a few thoughts
A little girl sitting in the dark, a little girl with fear in her heart, eyes closed tight shaking with fear, the footsteps on the stairs she can hear, she wants to shout she wants to cry, but her voice is gone but she does try, her heart races as the floor boards creak, and still her voice is too weak, as the door opens she crys in silance, what she is subjected to is horrific violance, every night is the same, every day she feels shame, the man controls her whole life, and her mother is his wife, even though shes 6 years old, she has fear that turns her cold, every night she prays for help, shes too young to help herself, it never goes away, because shes to afraid to say, she looks at her teachers at school, they know nothing at all, a child broken inside, nothing left but secrets to hide.
purplepaws purplepaws 31-35, F Feb 28, 2012

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