Emotionally Distress

I've been working at a new workplace and I felt itimidating by my coworkers. I'm new to this state and felt that there are alot of coniving people around here.
Its a place of lots of competition in this area such materialistic. Mostly, the conversation when women around my workplace talks about it's brand name make-up, and diets. Appearance matters so much here. I don't connect with the people here. I'm not sure if it's my lack of social skill or just not my  kind of topic I have no interest in joining their conversation. Additionally, we're decade apart.
The main thing is that I don't feel assertive to speak my mind when issue arise and I felt helpness. I try to do positive self talk and practice assertiveness each time.
I need to talk to others to let my feeling out and share my emotions. For someone to empathize for me and have similiar situation.

May 12, 2012