Buying Drugs In Costa Rica.

Hi, my name is Epoxy, and I am managing a  prescription drug habit.

Now that thats out of the way, its only a slight  habit. I have crippling anxiety, and I always feel as though I'm battling to hang on to the ledge of reality. It's exhausting, or at least it would be if I would let myself relax. My tool of choice is ativan.

I had been on a low dose of ativan for five months, with my doctors advice to ween myself off. But life was a little stressful, I was traveling abroad to get married. In Costa rica, my oldest brother suggested we visit a local doctor to pick up some party supplies (hey, it may be my wedding but it is my vacation too.). I agree, but I feel really weird about this. I had a hard enough time asking for help from my regular doctor, or anyone else. There are many reasons this is hard for me, dealing with feelings of shame and insecurity.

So we took a cab early that evening to a little *****-mall with a doctors office in it. I was very nervous. I didn't know what kind of doctor to expect. I think I was expecting Dr. Nick from the Simpsons. Or some old quack. Hopefully he could speak a little english.

I was surprised when I walked into the office. The doctor was sitting behind his desk, chatting up a pretty young woman. The woman looks startled when we come in, and quickly leaves. The doctor stands up to greet us. He is young and gorgeous, with tanned skin and long brown hair tied back. He exchanges pleasantries to us in perfect english, and we take a seat.

"Was that your wife?" My brother asks

"No, no, a patient." he says. "She is severely anemic"

........'so much for confidentiality' I think to myself, and realize that things are done much differently here.

"So what can I do for you today?" he asks

"I would like oxycontin" my oldest brother says.

"20mg or 40?"


"hmm that may be difficult." the doctor said. "The pharmacies around here don't keep a lot of that in stock, it is a controlled substance. I'll give you a prescription for the 40mg and 20mg, that will probably be easier to find."

The doctor turns to my other brother. "And how about you?"

"Same thing. And um... Viagra too."

The doctor writes the script and turns to me and my husband. "And you?"

Great, now its my turn, after we have established ourselves as a family of drug addicts.

"ativan, please." I manage to squeak out.

"How many milligrams?" he asked. My my prescreption at home was .5 and I usually take two of those.

"One milligram?" I ask.

The doctor chuckled. "we do not have one milligram. Two or four."

"Two is good" I say, feeling like a touristy foreign dumbass

"me too!" my husband pipes in. I turn to him in shock. He doesn't take drugs normally.

We say our goodbyes to the charming doctor and set out to find a pharmacy. Our taxi didn't show up and it was getting late, and we were leaving tomorrow. By the time our cab showed up and we got to the city, There are a few pharmacies throughout a few blocks, but it was late and stores were closing. We split up... my husband and I going one way, my oldest brother going another way and my other brother going a third, with plans to meet back up.

The first pharmacy we went to was dark and a little sleazy. the pharmacist was a young woman. She didn't speak english, and we hardly speak spanish. She kept trying to explain something to us, but her tone was sad, even apologetic. She fetches another person from the back to tell us that they do not have that in stock right now, but soon.

We leave, precious minutes wasted. We find another pharmacy, and rush right in. The pharmacist looked over our prescription and gave us a curt "no."

The third pharmacy was bright and clean. The pharmacist looked over our presciptions told us that they only had enough to fill one of our prescription. Fine by us, and we gladly waited while they put several pill sheets into a box. Satisfied, we left and went back to the meeting spot.

We soon met up with my brothers. One found viagra, but neither could find oxy. Or so they said... one did indeed find oxy, the one who already had a problem with it, but he kept it for himself.

Anyway, the whole thing just felt kind of surreal. So different than the US. No jumping through hoops, being shamed or lectured by your doctor. Even though the drugs were easy to get in Costa Rica, theirs is a self regulating system. The drugs were rediculously expensive. A little more than what you would pay per pill on the street here, but at least you don't have to worry about getting robbed.
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Yo Epoxy! :) Could you Please help me with which mall it is you went to?! I've been on the hunt...

You're definitely into chemicals. Epoxy-Monoxide-- Ativan--OxyC--they'll destroy you.

Welcome to the rest of the world that doesn't care what you do with your body :-)

I take ativan for my severe anxiety too. They only prescribed me 30 pills at a time...and I can take up to 2 pills a day (1 mg). I typically only take 1 pill a day...because I am embarrassed to have to order it every two weeks. You are right...the doctors make you feel sort of shameful about it.

Hello there. Your story is similar to Mexico but a little different because they don't have the drugs available. Are you marrying a person from that country? Why were your brother there with you?

I have had some luck with ordering overseas for Lunesta. The packages come with Arabic writing on them. Lord I could use a 4 mg Ativan.

Epoxy - I am sitting in the international terminal on my way into San Jose. Your story makes me happy. Intrestingly, where you were in costa rica to be wed, im on my way down as a result of my wife of 8 years leaving me for another man. It would help me out incredibly if you could afford me some tips; how did you find that doctor, his name? I'm sure I could figure this stuff out on my own, as I did the exact same thing in Brazil almost ten years ago - your story mirrors mine almost exactly, but with a few pieces of information you could really save me some precious time. At the very least, are you sure this happened, and is not an exaggeration. Thanks for your help, I hope you get this and are able to reply soon. Take Care.

Family of addicts! I love it. Look at the bright side, at least you're not strung out on heroin.

existential anxiety is quite normal, s normal that its what 70% of the population experiences this. We star to question our own mortality an concentrate onif and whn ourlive will end.<br />
<br />
Death as you kno is a very bid partof life, it defines who we are as individuals and as a society. wehn it starts to become abnomal is whenw become nerotic about it. always thinkinng about the end andtaking our sight off the whole picture, lie itself.<br />
The reason that there is no treatment is ecause its part of ourhuman nature.<br />
Hav any questions, please feel free to ask

thanks for that, its nice to hear such blatancy in a world where such things are hushed up

Wow, that read like a spy novel..I pictured you in a trench coat with Jackie O sunglasses on..BTW..I have a friend that lives in Spain & she says that they keep Lortab(Vicodin) on the shelves there. No big deal. Can you imagine how Americans would react to that?

Epoxy, what sort of Anxiety are you experiencing?

existential anxiety

I think I have that too..

My dear....... existential anxiety IS my middle name... I know it well....

i don't take much pills for anything just a russian captivation thing but i read your story and had a good laugh with your narration of the events , you must have a good sense of humour , thank you for that

anxiety about what?

Lol! <br />
<br />
Before I read the story, I saw the title and thought it meant that you get your drugs from Costa Rica. I thought to myself, "Wow! She is into that super illegal stuff!!"<br />
<br />
Glad I was wrong. :)

Your first sentence was the most important one.

sounds like a great adventure<br />
Gongrats on gettin married<br />
<br />
BTW docs here in america suck donkey balls