The definition of Sarcasm isn't pretty. It's intended to convey insult and scorn towards another person. It's so incredibly cowardly.Bitter. Sneering.Contemptuous behavior by people who are too weak and cowardly to speak the mature healthy truth to someone who might be annoying. People with weak or non existent communication skills are sarcastic. That way, they can say that they were kidding, the other person is too sensitive etc. The sarcastic one doesn't have to take ANY responsibility for anything they say. It is so cowardly. Nothing to boast about. Something to be ashamed of actually.Try speaking the truth. It sets you free. Dealing with others with cutting sarcasm makes for an unhappy, angry person. Sad.
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Agree,I suffered from that kind of treatment from close relatives for years, but sarcasm properly and appropriately applied has its uses.

I should have been more specific. You're right berangere.....There are definitely times when sarcasm is ok ..I enjoy good natured, light hearted sarcasm and I'm pretty good at it :>Just not the kind meant to hurt someone. I'm sorry you went through that with the family. I can sure relate to it. Maybe that's why I can be a bit intolerant of it sometimes. Thank you!

I always assumed sarcasm was the ability to insult others without them being able to understand that they are being insulted.

However you define it, it is a cowardly, passive aggressive way of communicating, imo

I use it for humor only. I feel that if I can bring a smile to someone the world will be a better place.

Yes. If it is not hurtful it can be fun and clever

I agree. Whole heartedly.

Are you being sarcastic?? :> j/k

Oh I agree and if you try to point out the truth of what they are doing you are the one that looks bad.

Yes. So many of us cannot handle unpleasant truths.

That's why all my sarcasms are jokes that I don't mean :)

I haven't witnessed you ever being hurtful BoeBoe. My sarcasm is not meant to be either

Oscar Wilde.

Excuse my literary ignorance. Did Oscar say something about Sarcasm?

Dunno , but he was the master of it and his communication skills could hardly be described as weak.

Oh. I see. Hurtful sarcasm still sucks. It's still cowardly.

Sarcasm can be done in a compassionate way, actually, with tact. And honestly, some people can be obnoxious while pretending to be nice, at least sarcasm shows its true face, and when applied to tyrants it is not a cowardly attitude.<br />
It all depends how the word is defined.

I agree. I think folks who have been the victim of the mean and cowardly kind know what I meant. There is a humorous, gentle way of teasing, which can be considered sarcasm, you're right. I'm really talking abot the extreme kind of sarcasm which some folks use to communicate their feelings instead of a healthy, honest, fair way

Yep, we agree.

As I have repeatededly said, "Hurtful sarcasm used to communicate something instead of having the courage, maturity to communicate in a healthy, non hurtful way is cowardly and weak." Obviously, like most things, there are different levels of sarcasm.

Sadly, it is true

amazingly TRUE