Why I Built My Own Oral Sex Chair

I built my own sex chair so that a lady friend of mine can relax in complete abandon as I give her oral sex.

It was inspired when I had access to medical furniture in a hospital that was closed down prior to a planned sale of its contents and the property itself. I had a girlfriend over at the hospital. I had asked her if I could lay her legs in birthing stirrups on an operating table so that I could give her oral sex. She agreed to it. The stirrups were the type that go under the knees. They were padded, and she said they were more comfortable than the plastic coated ones that she has to use when she gets her yearly PAP Smear.

Soon after that experience, the sale of the items fell through and all the items where taken to the dump and the hospital was tore down.

Years later, I finally decided to build my own sex chair. A chair that could reclined flat into a table position and be adjustable in several angles in between. A Chair that was of a sexy red color and padded. A chair that could be used for multiple purposes, from giving and receiving oral sex, to performing sexual intercourse on, to just giving massages on.

It would be more adjustable than any other sex chair of its type. Unlike birthing stirrups, which are not very adj stable,this would have independent thigh supports and calve supports. There would be a couple of different head supports, one used for fave down massages and another for other times when the face would be facing upwards (and a nose hole would not be desired). A chair that would be portable, transportable, hide-able, and be able to be made by any Do-it-Yourselfer.

I finally got it done. And I'm gone to use it for the first time this coming weekend. A pic of it can be seen on my profile pic or in one of my albumns.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Crazy story! We found some stirrups online that we now incorporate into our love making that fit on any bed or portable massage table. They are called economy exam stirrups.

It's been 3 years. How has your invention worked out? How about an update?

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