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School (butt Plug)

Went to class tonight, im a freshman in college, I have been using a plug for half a year now and for the first time i wore it for a while and in a public and interactive setting. I have a large doc johnson, (2.3" at the widest point and can fit it in easily after ******* myself with it for a lil while, proud of it haha) and before class I was debating whether or not to put it in, started browsing thru my pix and got a lil turned on and told myself "why not?". I went and took it out, walked into the bathroom and lubed it and my tight lil hole up and started ******* myself with it and loved it. I eventually worked up to the widest point, struggled with it then swallowed it in. I loved it! I went out and put the lube back and got my backpack and went and got in my car. Driving down the road (I drive a somewhat built camaro) and was slowing down so I could smash it and feel it go deeper in me. It was a fun drive to say the least. Walking to the class, the stairs were the least fun lol, it stretched me out going up and down and when I finally got in I sat down and let out a gasp, thank god the class had only the instructor in it...It was only a few minutes later that many classmates walked in, I had 2 hours to go...I was working dilligently and almost forgetting i was taking a huge toy up my rear. and I was just walking around as I was finally let out It felt unbearable. I wanted something else besides a plug just stretching me out, im not into other men, I just like the feeling of being penetrated, I really wanted a girl (my gf if she was more open minded) to use a toy and **** me with that. but I got in my car, lit up a cigarette, and blasted some music, pulled out and on the way home I could believe I've been getting stretched out for close to 3 hours. I kept driving and finally pulled up to my dorm, got inside and went to the head, was just going cleaning up and I was pushing on it and it popped out, it hurt when just over 2" width slips right out, and i reached back to finger myself and I was still tight haha. I just pulled it out, washed it and myself up and then put it back in its case. what a fun night class in english comp 1 lmao

stoopid2348 stoopid2348 18-21, M 4 Responses Sep 9, 2009

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you got guts, what if it popped out in the middle of class??

Right on! I wear a plug to work and bicycling and just about everything. Your Doc Johnson, is it a Rear Ender? If so I have mine in me right now, it's an amazing plug! I still have to wear a homemade harness though, it wants to fall out when I'm standing walking, etc. Before I go to work today, I'll switch it with my Love Pacifier. It's not a stretcher, it's a stimulator... and it's so comfortable and stays in even while coughing. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and smile cause I forgot to take it out the night before.:)

wow that is an awesome story, im like yourself not really into other men but like to be penitrated and suck and occasional ****. thanks for sharing

wow that is an awesome story, im like yourself not really into other men but like to be penitrated and suck and occasional ****. thanks for sharing