I Finally Have A Skype Account!!

After much proding I finally downloaded Skype on my cell phone. Since it was one of the apps available it was alot easier than I thought to install.

I have used it a few times and the calls seem fairly clear. I don't know alot of people that use Skype but if you want to add me please PM.

I can say this I need to learn more about it, I havent tried it on the computer yet but I have a feeling I will be doing that soon.

I'd love to hear any Skype tips!

Thanks, Snowy~

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18 Responses Jun 5, 2010

Hi add me on skype, Im a nice guy and can have fun on skype if you like...my skype: andersanders22


please add me my Skype is b_radman

hi,vishalmal85 my skype id.Please add me there.Lets have fun

Please add me on skype medicineman1230

hi dear, can we become friends at skype, you can give me your skype or add me on my skype : coolgeek99.

hi dear,
add me on skype : coolgeek99
or give me your skype

i wish you skype me (my ID is the same of the nickname here)

Skype me

Would love to chat with u on skype

How are you?

Add me. kevinsjr

add me :)<br />
skype: nir.avraham22

add me : dundumons and have fun

I hardly ever get on Skype any longer.. it was good for a time :) <br />
<br />
Thanks Thunder :)

Hit me up on skype Joe thunda

Whew- good news for me!

Good to know all1rog!! It's all new to me :)