I know Skype has been a round for a long time,  but not in my life.  
Not until today!!    I had my first, ever Skype talk with my son this morning.  He's traveling through Spain and Italy for 7 months on a cruise ship.  The internet on the ship is horrible and expensive.  Cell phone use is way to costly too.  Skype is free and I'm in love!
Today he ported in Civitavecchia,  just outside of Rome.  He headed straight to an internet cafe to call home.
We got disconnected once,  but I just re-dialed and got through.

I asked him if they had free WiFi at the cafe.  He said "no."
What? You have to pay for internet???  Those cheap Italians!

"Yeah,  they made me buy a coffee!!"

Those cheap kids of mine.  I wonder where they got that?

Lilt Lilt
5 Responses Aug 16, 2011

It's such a wonderful tool. Nell. Unfortunately, between the 6 hour time difference, and the cruise schedule, we've only had the one chat. But I did get a note from him on Facebook.<br />
<br />
Two things that I thought were so silly are now pretty damned special. Skype and Facebook...hahaha

i celebrate with you. HURRAY!!

I bet the bread in Italy is especially yummy!

My kids and their Gparents found it 6 maybe 8 years ago. Wonderful tool. =)<br />
<br />
"He headed straight to an internet cafe to call home." LOL! Boy knows who butters his bread.

Hey Lilt, this is great...I'm gonna go along for the ride, vicariously!:)