Dear Mr. Zennstrom and Mr. Friis,

Just thought I'd drop you guys a note and say thanks for coming up with this Skypey thing.
It's super cool and affordable!
I've been missing my son,  but thanks to you dudes,  I get to talk to him every Tuesday morning.
Today he's in Rome.  I got to hear all about his trip to see the Vatican.  He said it was old.

I don't know what your motivation was for coming up with such a great program.  Maybe you were missing someone too?
Or maybe you are dirty boys and wanted to take your cyber to the next level? 
Whatever the inspiration,  you've made this Momma very happy today.
The kids face did freeze up in a strange contortion for about minute.  It was a little freaky,  but I'm not complaining.

Thanks again,
Lilt Lilt
17 Responses Aug 30, 2011

Yes, Starman, it is amazing. <br />
But some of the old-timey ways are still good. I'm sending my guy a box of his favorite snacks :-)<br />
There's no Walmart in Pisa.

Amazing how some stuff we saw in Science Fiction movies are now the real deal in everyday life.

Yes! You know exactly what I'm talking about, my friend. <br />
Not just the smiles, but the laughter too.

Ahh, this brings back fond memories of skypeing my son on an epis trip through africa. You are so right, being able to see the smile makes all the difference.

Funny, I have no desire to Skype with anyone else. <br />
I really don't welcome more reasons to be in front of the computer :-(<br />
<br />
He'll be back in Spain on Saturday. We have a 7a.m date :-)

Skype is just fab! :)

Hehehehehe for the comments!<br />
Sweeeeeet you not only get to hear about those fabulous places like Rome, but you can see your son too.<br />
Frito *bows to the Skype folk*

If I went on Skype nekkid, my son would never call me again.

yep. vid works for moms who lose their sons to the world.<br />
<br />
BUT REMEMBER - I go nekkid when the season comes. Oh no, vid will not do!<br />
<br />
Still love the tech stuff. skype and youtube. All the other stuff is boring trivia.<br />
<br />
enjoy him!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
love <br />

I agree, Dee! Skype and the microwave :-)<br />
Talk about George Jetson, you should hear my Dad go on about it. Grandpa loves to talk to him too.<br />
And if I know my Dad, he talks REAL LOUD. He does that with the cell phone. <br />

Well, Drew, how are you???<br />
I haven't seen you around in ages. Enjoying one of the hottest summers, EVER???

You're so cute Lilt! I love this little diddy of a story. You are so right.<br />
I just need a mic so I can call BCJ like I promised months ago.<br />
<br />

Jenni, thank goodness my guy is playing his sax in very un-dangerous places.

Yes, epic!<br />
Those dudes rock!<br />
Without Skype, I would have to wait 7 months to see him.<br />

i love skype.....its free and its just epic in my book....<br />
(which is a hardback, leather bound, first edition naturally)

B, this Mom has got to see the boy's face!

yes, yes, and yes.<br />
<br />
and no, i don't use the video feature. wonderful invention this is.<br />
<br />
only use the chat and the voice.