It's Good To Talk-Talk

Whilst I'm happy to 'type-talk', I much prefer to 'talk-talk. I can say in in 30 minutes that would take 2 days worth of typing! It's far more natural too. I like to spread out on the bed and relax with my headphones and mic on. Far better than sitting at a desk and typing. I'm not much into video-calls, except when the occasion requires it (but that's another story :)

So if you ever fancy a real chat, just pour yourself a coffee, get yourself comfy and dial me . . . you do know how to dial don't you?  :)

(Ask and I'll send you my skype name).

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3 Responses Oct 31, 2011

Of all the accents that pour out of the UK, the Welsh are really the only ones I have a hard time understanding now and then. Getting easier though :).

hmmmmm - you make its sound SOOOOOO easy - lol ;-)

hmmm........think you could understand a southern hillbilly??? :-DDD