Skype Addict

i use skype all the time because i'm in a long distance poly relationship. hell, i'm about to go have a nap on skype with one of my boyfiends now. 'night!
desikitteh desikitteh
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Add me greg3438


Give this lonely widower a break ken.cwilliams936

add me plz...
slype id: ana8ema

Hi, add me: charliebrownita
I'm an italian guy, as the name suggests. I could be another of your long distance bouyfriends LOL

HI, looking to do group sex on skype with my girlfriend..... m 50 f 40 both fit...both sexy.... add me king.kent1

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skype serg198021

I joined this site called it allows you to add new friends to Skype. It's free and you can even find people near your zip code.

skype me gawjus <br />
<br />

i love skype too.its so cool on skype all the time too...maybe we could chat sometimes.<br />
am Kevin.<br />
my skype name is nak-111<br />
add me or give me yours<br />
cheers :D

That's so KEWL.....all of it!! ;)

hey u wanna have sum fun

I used to have Skype on my myspace and really loved it. I need to sign up for it again.