I Chat And Chat Only On Skype

I do have a Skype account, and I use Skype to chat and chat only when I have a free time. Well, if you ask me for sex chat or ******* sex cam, you better go away or I will block you. Hmm, my best friends don’t use Skype, we use yahoo messenger and Facebook. But I use Skype. I want to chat more and more in English to improve my English, as well as making friends, sharing my thoughts, and maybe someone can teaches me how to pronounce some English words. As you know, video calls on Skype are better quality than on Yahoo messenger. And I love that. I just have very little friends on Skype ;) In fact, they are not my actual friends, but they are good ;) I still use Skype in the future to chat to my internet friends from all over the world. It's cool :). Skype is very useful and easy to use!
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28 Responses Nov 18, 2012

Give us your skypename, me and my girlfriend want to share our webcam sex with another couple ! :)

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Skype me I am Seluleko Eric

I prefer Skype over gmail or yahoo messenger.

Skype is great once you've build that comfort level with someone. It's also a way to check authenticity and know you have been talking to the person in the picture.

Sushanth. Benergee is my skype....I want to talk in english to improve,, u dont need to shw ur cam too..jus audio call

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my skype: SERG198021

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hi,vishalmal85 my skype id.lets learn some english

best way to improve english knowledges ;)

hi, i like to chat. my skype name is luckystrike606 or pls provide me ypurs.. regards simon

Ur Skype is?

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hi dear,
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hi dear,
add me on skype : coolgeek99
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hi dear,
add me on skype : coolgeek99
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i would love to chat with you, my skype is hot_mark90

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