I have opened my skype new,don't have anyfriends. If you are clever and also like history,politics. We can share something with each other and talk about these.But don't add me If you are horny or like these things.. my address is = efe.sunal
yuriorlov yuriorlov
18-21, M
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"But don't add me If you are horny or like these things..: ha ha wow that made my day

have a nice day

thanks dude.

np i dont kno wht it is about the internet but trying to find someone to talk with that isnt all freaky horny can be a pain in the ***

Trust me,people are really horny,They can **** even key access.If you want to someone who's not horny,you can add me. I don't want to know you are male or female,I just want to know that, Do you use your brain? If you say ' Yes' then add me.

ya i kno exactly wht u mean try omegle for just 5 mins. its all i can stomach. i think i use my brain occasionally. i dont remember tho.

OMEGLE oh my god! I am afraid of omegle people! They show their **** everybody.Dude,you can add me and we can talk like normal persons :)

holy u live in turkey. or u just put that to hide ur location?

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