Have Any Male Experience Prostate Problems Like I Am Feeling Right Now

With myself, I have to constantly go to the bathroom. I don't know why. But I constantly. I need to see a doctor, but I don't have any money, and I am using third-rate health insurance. It is like on my left side, I can feel my kidneys ache, but I think that it is more of my prostate than anything. Because I feel like using the bathroom, everytime, I drink some water. I actually feel like going right now.

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

You really really need to see someone - there must be a free care clinic associated with a church, or some other community clinic, you can get into. Don't wait - if it were prostate the pain would be isolated to the gland itself which sits up just inside you down behind your testicles between your legs - kidney ache or pain is serious, and having to urinate frequently goes along with bladder or kidney infection - and it will NOT get better by itself, and if left alone, can cause your kidneys to shut down completely and risk your life!!

I can only add emphasis to the concerns in the previous post; regardless of your situation with insurance, prostate troubles are nothing to be taken lightly.<br />
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Beyond that, the first thing I would consider is your intake of fluids, especially in the hours before retiring for the night, I used to be very fond of iced tea in the summer, but around the time I turned fifty, it got me up more often at night. When I stopped drinking as much tea, the problem resolved itself.