My second home

I joined this site to write and tell my innermost feelings. I only log-in here to pour out all my inhibitions. I came here when I was jobless while  overcoming the ordeal of a separation with two young kids so I am not really into meeting friends though I found some good-hearted women who became my friends and there's one man who's so patient to get my attention. I was really amazed of his patience so after two months (I am not counting, he's the one who told it to me) we really become close. He even told me some things about the way I write here. Then, I realized that what he said was sensible so I deleted one story. I was never really active on EP but now I began to write again and was amused that friends come in to my circle. My life is now peaceful and I already have a career. I never thought that  I can reach this day with my two feet standing on a stable ground.That's so overwhelming. It makes me happy that EP was a witness of my devastation and my triumph. It chronicled my life through the stories that I wrote. Before my stories were sad and full of bitterness. Now, I want to write to inspire and spread positive aura. Truly, this  is my second home where I can be myself  without someone I know personally  can ridicule or criticize me.
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46-50, F
1 Response Nov 14, 2010

I hope you find yourself in a good place. I hope real love and happiness has found you. If it has you can be sure this time is forevermore.

It has. we both found it, didn't we?

Yes I'm certain of it!