I Use to Be a Member of a Church Till People Started Talking About Me !!!!

My story starts when i first got saved,, i went to this church where i felt so much peace of mind and the love from others were so real, and it was free to obey the voice of god with the calling he placed in my life,,, then one day some people came to our church and we were more than glad to have them,, as months passed and a year or so,, thay really had a different belief and then thay started talking about me over the calling that i did that god placed in my life. so many times i tryed every way to just not to pay any attenion to them but things gotten worse,,, i noticed thay would talk about me like it was something thay would look forward to, so i prayed and went on and went back and it just grew into something like a habit that thay had,,, so i went to be bapitized and  thay of course was there,, it didn't seem to upset me that much,, but i was in the river being bapitized and my husband was upon the outer banks where everone were standing and he over heard one of the ladies talking about me being bapitized  in pants, then thay knew thay were heard as one of them turn and noticed my husband standing there,,, well as i came upout of the water i knew by the look upone his face that somthing was said,, i wanted to know what was rong but,,, i didn't want to know.. so as we where coming home i thought well just ask him and find out why he is acking so strangly,, so i said what was said ?? he turned a looked at me as i ask agin well what was said?? he didn't want to say anything but i just keep on asking till he told me what was said,,, one of the ladies told the other one said ,,, look at that i want you too getten bapitized with it's pants on,,, like she had aright to pass judgement on me,,, i cryed and i just felt like my heart burst into, i didn't know just what to do,, i keep asking myself are you sure you didn't do any thing to these people???? i knew from the depts of my heart i didn't do a thing to be treated like that... so my husband decided to call up our pastor to have a talk with him cause this stuff has happen inside the church befor,, meaning talking about everybody and people has quit church over this... and as he would talk to them about the stuff that thay would say,,, it was like in on ear and out the other,,, so i just decided to find another church cause i seen that things didn't change,, i miss my home church but i have a family and i have to watch out for them meaning i just didn't want them hurt the way that thoese people has hurt me,,,, any avice telling my sister to watch out ,cause she may be next,, one of the ones that will get hurt... please help should i tell her ?? but she enjoys going there...
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I must admit I haven't been to church in years. About 6 years ago I started feeling the need to find a good church in my area and to get closer to the Lord. I had taken this job at a Glass Company where I worked for this woman. She would come into work on Monday talking about her Church and how much she loved Jesus. Almost in the same breathe she would start cussing, talking about her sex life and she treated me very very badly. She was so unbelievably mean to me it was unreal!! She cussed at me called me names told me I was stupid. I have to say she was the meanest woman I ever met and because she called herself a Christain that scared me from wanting to go to any church. It was a long time ago and I have since met a nice group of people who have invited me to their church so I am going to give it a try this Sunday. I think that is horrible what those ladies did to you. I do not blame you for leaving the church. If people start making you feel like that then its hard for you to do God's will.

I feel you pain.<br />
I have been a member of a couple of differrent churches for different reasons. God places good people in the church, and the devil often plants bad ones. The church is not a bad place and God is in your heart. How many times was Jesus persecuted and beguiled because of his belief, and what did he do... He forgave them. Please don't hate the church for one persons stupidity. Love God and go elsewhere!<br />
Bless you.