I used to do it almost every night when i was 12. I stopped at the age of 16, and sometimes I do miss it. It was just so calming for me at the time, but it now breaks my heart to see it on other people. I feel ashamed for putting my mum and dad and my little sister through that.


Today I thought about it alot. But I don't think I will, because it can be so addictive. UGH.... men suck

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I'm sorry that I'm part of the 50% of the male population since that seems to inherently mean I suck. I get that some men are complete scum or jerks, but please generalize Male==evil/jerk/etc. But seriously, I'm sorry that you were hurt so bad you felt the urge to cut yourself

Im happy that you've stopped. Its not good to have to worry about covering yourself up all of the time or having to explain scars!! Good for you on stopping!<br />
As for men. Dont let them get you down so that you feel like cutting! Come on here and rant away : )

It's cool that you stopped. I hate seeing people cut. And not seeing.<br />
I remember when I first heard about it, and I thought Ugh, why would anyone want to do that?! It seemed so strange and incomprehensible. And then it kind of became "cool", you know? We'd joke about it all the time. I remember I had this friend, who would hide her cuts, but she took me aside and showed me them, right on her arms, and then on her thighs later when the arm ones were healing. It was such a cry for help. But I didn't know what to do to help her, except tell her to stop. <br />
It makes me happy when other people stop. They're all her to me, in that way. Don't let men make you feel like you need to cut. BE STRONG! :)