I use to be happy once upon a time......Part 1

   I use to be on top of the world, then July 28, 1999 happened. It was 7am, I woken up by my husband grabbing at his chest and looking at me with his eyes saying help me. He said "babe, I can't breath!" and then he collasped back down on the bed. I jumped up out of bed., grabbing my cell phone calling 911 and yelling for my brother to come into my bedroom and help me do CPR on my husband. He came running into my room, he helped me lay Tony on the floor and we started the CPR process. It took the EMS 45 minutes later after I had called them. I was very angry with them. Detroit sucks when it comes to your family dying on your livingroom floor! By the time the EMS had arrived, Tony had already turned grey, and his eyes would not close all the way. The EMS even took their sweet time calling the Time of Death. He had no pulse, what more did they want? For him to pop back up and say "yes, I am dead!"
   We arrived at the hospital, Tony's family were there, his mom and dad, sisters and brothers and uncles and aunts. I could not help myself, I kicked the air vents on the bottom of the floor adn walked out. The funeral arrangements started, I can't really remember much after that. I do remember sitting in the funeral parlor (where they put the casket for the family viewing), with Tony's parents and the rosary beads in my hands. It was very strange for me to see the whole family come around for him like that. It was a sea of people, there were so many of them, they had to wait outside for people to leave so they could go in. I have never seen that many people at a funeral. He was loved very much and by many people.
   We were married for 3 years but we were together for 10 years total. We wanted to wait for marriage until I was finished with high school and I had reached over 21 years of age. So we kind of did it backwards, I did finish high school and I did reach 21, but by the time I reached 23, I was pregnant with our first child, our baby was a beautiful girl born on September 9, 1994. Then we decided on day to get married and so we did, on June 9, 1996. That was the second best day of my life.
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Jul 12, 2010