When I Was Young

When I was younger I was involved with gangs. Crips and GD mostly. That's who I use to run with. and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Just being around gangs I seen a lot of stuff and went through a lot as well. Always running from the police always getting shot at and even losing friends to the guns of rival gangs. I got in trouble at school because some how the teachers got a hold of pictures of me and my friends at the time throwing up gang signs, drinking and smoking. I was even the cause of a gang riot at school. there were some girls who called themselves Bloods and I was in the lunch room talking to some friends and they started dissing saying crab this crab that crab killer(dissing crips) sissy this sissy that (dissing rolling sixty crips) and I spoke up I said I ain't a crip I'm a G but it's killer for you and your slobbing a** crew (dissing bloods) and I started to walk away and one of the girls hit me in the back of my head and thats when we started fighting and since I was getting the best of her the other girls jumped me it was like 10 of them on me and then the rest of the lunch room about 100 people seen this and were like aw naw their jumping Maria and the rest of the lunch room jumped in it was a gang riot they had to call police in to break it up. I got my respect after that but I also had the police keeping a watch on me and had to go to a different school all this happened when I was in middle school and continued into my early high school years but eventually I got away from it and what pushed me to that point was a letter I received from my brother who is locked up to this day for murder. He made me realize that the gang life was not where it was at and now when I hear kids talking about it I tell them that they need to leave that alone and give them reasons why they should. My life is now on the right track and I'm thankful for that.
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I need help. My boyfriend was just killed by his crew. I need to contact any gang except Latin kings and crips.

when you grow up in certain areas and that's all you see and know of course your going to want to be in the gang but that's not the only reason people join gangs sometimes it's protection sometimes it's to replace family but in the end it's never worth it

no I was a GD but I use to hang around a lot of crips too cause that's what was mostly was in the neighborhood

You were in both gangs?