At 17

I had intercourse for the first time at 14 and I liked it. The problem was the boys were ******* too soon and I had my first ****** when 3 boys took me out and after continuous intercourse with the first two, number 3 hit the mark. I bacame a gang bang girl and I loved having several boys **** me. I was careful to make sure the boys used rubbers since I wasn't on birth control but one night I went out with 4 boys and they took me to a hunting cabin. Everything was fine until they started arguing. The third one got on top of me and he proceeded to pump and I was almost there and he pulled out. He had finished and I was climbing the walls wanting more. It turns out that they only had three rubbers and I wanted more. I begged the last one to **** me so he obliged and ****** me with his bare ****. I had an amazing ****** and then he pulled out shooting *** all over me. By that time one of the other boys was hard again so he took his turn bareback. He lasted longer the second time and by the time he finished one other did me bareback. Three boys had *** inside me and I was certain that I was pregnant. It was the best sex I had experienced up to that point but my fears came true. When it came time for my next period, it didn't happen. I was 17 and I became a mom at 18,
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Have I seen you on Jerry Springer show before? I think it was one on ****** or was it Maury Povich getting a half dozen men tested to find out who my baby daddy is lol. I really hope these stories are just fiction, but if not, I really feel for your children.