A Way of Getting Love

It started when i was seventeen ... I had just lost my virginity when i was 16 getting ready to turn seventeen ...  when i started hangin out with these people who were older than me , and  the " initiation " ( really a joke  not a real initiation ) was to sleep with one of the guys already in the clique and i did just that ... then the next weekend i was there and he brought some other girl back to the apartment .. needless to say that upset me so i ended up sleeping with his best friend ... and then it just went on from there ...  then i met my ex Chris there that i was with for three yrs ... after he n i broke up i basically started the cycle over ...  then i had Josh and settled down a lil bit .. then i got married , and last yr before i went into TAP  i was in the same pattern ive now realized it was a form of codependency .... i way of getting some form of attention .. because i ultimately had a bond to these people from giving them a part of myself . Then i wound up  going into TAP and i can say over the course of a yr ive slept with Two people ...  and i am so proud of myself ... ive finally beat my codependency ...  Go ME
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3 Responses Jun 23, 2007

i am happy 4 u. i wish i could say the same

Good for you! I have battled the same kind of thing and I finally got control over it too.Good job:)

Congrats. I heard once that you should go a year without any relationship. I don't know how many people have, but it seemed like a good idea. I may have taken it to an extreme, but it is a good principle.