Still Do

Some friends are too nosy. How else can I explain cuts all over my wrist and arm. ughh

I actually feel bad blaming my kitties. I love them so much and they would only scratch me if im being an ******* and ******* them off.

Tacit Tacit
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7 Responses Mar 23, 2009

i do that to exept i only cut my self while im asleep its weird

Well my friend is fairly self centered and worries about herself constantly. I'm not blaming her.. she just is that way. None of them would understand.<br />
<br />
I know there are better ways.. probably. Sometimes I go a while without doing it.. but idk.

Are u still in that zone?<br />
Do u feel the same..<br />
<br />
Take good care

My daughter has also blamed self cutting on the cats. The thing is, cat scratches just don't look the same, so you're not fooling anyone.<br />
If people ask, it's because they care about you they can't do anything to help if you insist that the cat did it.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you, I really hope you can find a more healthy way of dealing with the pain that makes you cut. <br />
Perhaps your friends could help if you were more honest with them :)

I have seen a girl that checked me out she had cuts all <br />
up and down her arms i know what its from becalse ive done that same thing when i was younger<br />
you need some one to just understand and i do ive been there and when u cut urself it means ur in lot of pain deep inside and you release ur pain by cutting<br />
you have my prayers and huggs if you ever need a friend to talk iam here

I'm sorry you do that. Your friends care.

:( Your friends only care about you, you know...I'm sure it would hurt them so much if they knew the truth...*hug* I'm sorry you feel the need to cut...i hope someday you get enough love to give you the strength to stop...please remain safe, though in the meantime, and talk. let it out. it will help, because keeping things locked up is obviously getting so hard for you that you need a way to express your hurt.