Why Are We Here

We all come here with diffrent agendas.

I just read two stories of very good friends, And I say very good friends because I read their stories they are in my circle and I see them everyday on here some are funny and some like todays are sad.

There are no words or gestures that one can bring to them and make them feel better about themselves. Time and only time will heal their wounds.

Many of us come here and we open our hearts and our hurts to so many thinking that someone here will have an answer to some of the issues that we bring with us. I sincerely doubt that this is the case. Yes we love you and yes we feel for you. But answers I seriously doubt that we have them for you.

I myself have had a very bumpy road lately and I have come to realize that there is no one here that will take your pains and hurts and do away with them. They might even get worse if you hang around here to long.

So with this I say to my two friends be strong things will get better, And sometimes they don't but we have to be strong and survive.

I love both of you.

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8 Responses Mar 12, 2010

so they say Pix. I guess i might be. <br />

I'm sorry to hear about your friends Ptman...I hope things look up for them soon...the best thing you can do is be there for them and let them know you care which you have :-) You are a good friend...

giventake i totally agree with you, I guess that like i n real life we will have our good and bad days on here also. that is when we know who our real friends are.

thank you Sole, coming from you it means very much to me. I you are the example of what a true friend is.

PTMAN<br />
I agree with you that no one here can take away our pain or answer/solve our troubles. Yet, that is also true in RL, and as in RL - we also have genuine friends here that care. Friends that we feel comfortable with to tell of our sadness and share our joys. I find the commonality of sharing bonding in and of itself. Knowing someone is listening and cares - and most of all encourages you to find those answers in yourself.

SO sneaking on here...PTMAN....you are unbelieveable......YOU are are a healer in of yourself as far as I am concerened,as far as I can see....just from your words...you don't have to be a healer,to make people feel better!

your welcome Lily, as I have told you a many times friends will make sacrifices for the ones they love. Sometimes to the point sacrifysing their own happines. Heal fast my friend you and I have a lot of partying to do. lol <br />
<br />
I will be going your way a many of times this year, so let's get the party hall ready.

I do care about them very much, as they do for me. It breaks my heart to see their hurt.